Non-invasive Procedures

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The following procedures are termed non-invasive. They don't require sedation or anesthesia and are often conducted within my consultation room.

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A very quick and painless procedure, a 12 lead resting Electrocardiogram (ECG) provides a printout showing the flow of the electrical activity around the heart from 12 different angles.

Representing the current rhythm and condition of the heart many disorders may be immediately indicated and repeating the ECG over time can help identify developing issues. The procedure itself involves placing 6 adhesive patches across the chest, 1 for each arm and 1 on each leg. These are connected to an ECG recorder and a printout is usually provided in a matter of seconds. This is normally performed laying on a couch in a slightly upright and comfortable relaxed position.

Ambulatory ECG Monitor

Also called a holter monitor or tape, this is a small ECG recorder which records the rhythm of the heart over a longer period, normally at least 24 hours and whilst normal activity is being carried out.

The monitor is attached to 3, 4 or 5 electrodes around the heart and worn home. Once returned the recording will need to be analysed for any rhythm disturbances which may explain the symptoms being experienced.


While an ECG represents the electrical activity of the heart an echocardiogram examines the structure using ultrasound images.

Amongst other things the how thick the walls are, the size of the chambers and the condition of the valves can be studied. Any anomalies with those structures may well explain symptoms experienced. The examination normally takes up to 30 minutes and involves laying on a couch and a small probe placed on the chest well in varying positions.

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